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AIOZ Network to Undergo Hard Fork on March 6th — TradingView News


AIOZ Network has announced that it will be undergoing an upgrade and hardfork to version 1.5.0 on March 6th, at 08:00 UTC. This upgrade is expected to introduce new features while ensuring the network’s performance remains optimal.

The new features include a cron module for on-chain task scheduling, a burn module for automated token burning, a transaction fee-burning mechanism, and enhanced system stability and security. During this process, the AIOZ Web Wallet will be temporarily paused.

Refer to the official tweet by AIOZ:

The @AIOZNetwork blockchain Upgrade & Hardfork v1.5.0 will occur on this March 6th 2024 at 08:00 UTC.

TLDR and important info below

The v1.5.0 Upgrade & Hardfork unlocks new features while maintaining optimal network performance:

✅ “Cron” module for on-chain tasks…

March 05, 2024


AIOZ Network is a distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN) built on its unique blockchain. It aims to revolutionize the way video streaming is done worldwide by using users’ redundant memory, storage, and bandwidth resources to form a vast, efficient CDN.

The mechanism of operation of AIOZ Network involves creating a distributed content delivery network (dCDN). In this network, videos are streamed from various nodes, which are essentially devices of regular people who are compensated for storing and delivering content. These nodes use an app that taps into the device’s unused computing power, bandwidth, and storage, decentralizing and optimizing the content delivery process.

AIOZ is an Ethereum token that powers the Layer 1 blockchain of the Aioz Network, ensuring compatibility between Ethereum and Cosmos. AIOZ tokens can be earned by staking on the network itself and used to pay for apps and items on the Aioz Network.