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Android Auto adds this new safety feature: What is it and how it ensures users safety

Android Auto, Google‘s in-vehicle infotainment system, has introduced a new safety feature to prevent drivers from getting distracted while driving. The latest updates to the platform include a status indicator on apps that can only be used when the car is parked, making it easier for users to identify and avoid potentially dangerous distractions while driving. The update is rolling out now and users can now download the update to get this new feature.
How the new feature works
The update adds a new “P” icon that appears on the top of an app that requires the vehicle to be parked before it can be accessed. This feature is particularly relevant for apps like GameSnacks, a collection of touchscreen games available on Android Auto, primarily designed as a form of entertainment for electric vehicle owners while their cars are charging.
Previously, users would only receive an error message stating that the app needs to be in park mode when attempting to open it while the vehicle was in motion. However, with the new status indicator, users can now easily identify which apps are safe to use while driving and which ones should be avoided until the car is parked.
How it ensures users safety
This update addresses a crucial safety concern in the era of connected cars and infotainment systems. Distracted driving is a significant risk and by clearly labeling apps that require the car to be parked, Android Auto is taking a proactive step in promoting responsible usage and minimizing potential distractions on the road.
In addition to the new safety feature, Android Auto 11.4 also introduces message summaries, allowing users to quickly preview and respond to incoming messages without having to navigate away from their current app or activity.