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Exascale’s New Software Frontier: ExaSGD – High-Performance Computing News Analysis

“Exascale’s New Frontier,” a project from the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, explores the new applications and software technology for driving scientific discoveries in the exascale era.
The Scientific Challenge

As more renewable sources of energy are added to the national power grid, it becomes more complex to manage. That’s because renewables such as wind and solar rely on forces of nature that behave unpredictable. Combined with the potentially adverse effects of extreme weather events or cyberattacks, these factors introduce new uncertainties into the power grid that may cause instability. Current programs that help operators manage power grids are not inherently built to consider weather uncertainty and cannot evaluate sudden changes in power supplied from renewable sources, leaving power grids at risk.

Why Exascale?

To tackle this widening gap in power-grid management, the ExaSGD project has developed a software stack that uses the power of GPU-accelerated computers to assess and predict a far wider range of possibilities than current management programs can.

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