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Huawei Green Antenna Series Wins GSMA GLOMO Award for ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei’s green antenna series won the GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’ award. This is a recognition of Huawei’s breakthroughs in boosting efficiency, performance and integration of base station antennas. Huawei green antennas have enabled operators worldwide to simplify 5G construction while maximizing energy efficiency and connection performance, in a manner that supports future network evolution.


Eric Zhao, Vice President and CMO of Huawei Wireless Solution Receiving the Award

The green antenna series includes Eco Antenna, Hertz Antenna, BladeAAU antennas and X2 Antenna, and, all featuring technological and process innovations that help reduce network energy consumption and save deployment costs.

Huawei’s proprietary SDIF and Meta Lens technologies, that reduce energy losses and boost network performance, improve the antenna efficiency by more than 25%. FreSIP and folding array technologies enable increased integration of antenna modules, which helps reducing the amount of network equipment boxes needed in towers. Last but not least, the revolutionary laser welding manufacturing technology helps reducing environmental impact through avoiding water consumption and air pollution during antenna manufacturing.

Huawei green antennas have currently been deployed in more than 75 countries, recognized as a top choice for green and efficient network construction among global operators. Green antennas need lower transmit power than traditional antennas, to achieve the same coverage, helping operators save base station energy. Live network tests showed that base station energy consumption of base stations with green antennas can be reduced by 26% during busy hours, without compromising performance or coverage. This can be translated into 900 USD savings for each site per year. Reduced carbon emissions effectively facilitate sustainable development of green mobile networks. With more 250,000 green antennas deployed worldwide, up to 90,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be saved, which otherwise would require 65 million square meters of forests to absorb. Green antennas also support doubled configurations while keeping the same antenna size, meaning new frequency bands can be deployed without the need for extra antennas. In multi-operator sharing scenarios, the number of antennas needed is reduced in half, helping operators accelerate network deployment at a lower cost.

Sun Youwei, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, said “We are very grateful to receive this significant award from GSMA. Higher spectrum and energy utilization are crucial for all operators looking to provide optimal network experience. By improving antenna energy efficiency and device integration, Huawei green antennas can improve energy saving, network coverage and user experience. Huawei is happy to work with our industry partners to develop and apply green antennas in more frequency bands and application scenarios.”

MWC Barcelona 2024 will be held from February 26 to February 29 in Barcelona, Spain. During the event, Huawei will showcase its latest products and solutions at stand 1H50 in Fira Gran Via Hall 1.

With the 2024 commercial launch of 5.5G, Huawei is collaborating with operators and partners around the world to pursue exciting new innovation in networks, cloud, and intelligence. Together, we will drive 5G business and foster a thriving industry ecosystem, creating a new era for intelligent digital transformation. For more information, please visit: