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IT ZAIN to showcase AI-powered software solutions at LEAP 2024 tech conference

IT ZAIN, a leading digital service provider, is proud to announce its first participation in the LEAP conference, the largest technology event in the Middle East. The third edition of the conference will take place from 4 to 7 March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the Riyadh International Exhibition and Convention Center (RICEC). The conference is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones. IT ZAIN will present its innovative software products that use artificial intelligence to enable digital transformation.

Under the theme “AI-backed Digital Transformation”, IT ZAIN will showcase the impact and benefits of its software solutions for various sectors and industries in Saudi Arabia. IT ZAIN will also share its knowledge and experience with other participants and stakeholders, and explore new opportunities and challenges in the field of digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Ahmed Omar, CEO of IT ZAIN, said: “We are delighted to join the LEAP conference for the first time, as it is a strategic platform for us to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of customers and partners. The conference attracts over 172,000 visitors from more than 180 countries, as well as 1,000 experts, specialists, decision-makers, and thought leaders. It is a great opportunity for us to stay updated on the latest technology trends and shape the digital future.”

Omar added that IT ZAIN’s goal is to offer its latest software solutions that use artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline the zakat and income system for various sectors and institutions in Saudi Arabia. This solution targets B2B and B2C customers, especially those who need e-invoicing to integrate with the Zakat and Income Tax system run by the Zakat and Tax Authority. This system provides a direct and efficient link between zakat and income at both stages.

IT ZAIN also introduces its workflow automation software that improves electronic communication and collaboration among different departments and eliminates paper-based processes. This software meets the needs of large companies that want to achieve digital transformation and keep up with advanced technology. By automating manual workflow steps, IT ZAIN shows its dedication to delivering high-quality and high-efficiency services that satisfy its partners. These efforts support the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and the Digital Transformation Program.

The CEO of IT ZAIN said that the company plans to expand significantly in the Saudi market shortly. This expansion involves working with private companies, factories, government sectors, and institutions. IT ZAIN also aims to provide digital and technological solutions powered by artificial intelligence. The CEO stressed that the Saudi market is one of the most important markets in the region for information and communications technology products and services. According to recent international reports, the expected spending in this sector will exceed $34.5bn in the Kingdom by 2024.