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Lighthouse Unlocks the Power of Generative AI with Launch of Smart Summaries for Hotels |

In an industry first, Lighthouse is leveraging advanced GenAI learning models to provide hotel professionals with customized daily performance summaries directly to their inbox.


Lighthouse, the leading commercial platform for the travel and hospitality industry, today announced the launch of Smart Summaries within its award-winning Business Intelligence solution. Smart Summaries leverage generative AI to transform complex data sets into easy-to-read daily performance summaries for hotel commercial teams, transforming how hotels interpret complex data to make revenue decisions.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is helping hotels tackle tasks like writing marketing copy and automating responses to guest inquiries with chat bots. But turning quantitative data into actionable insights has remained elusive. Now, Lighthouse is using the latest advancements in GenAI to dramatically improve the quality and speed of quantitative data analysis for Revenue Managers. 

In an industry first, Lighthouse is leveraging advanced GenAI learning models to provide hotel professionals with customized daily performance summaries directly to their inbox. This advanced technology was built and rigorously trained using vast data sets and tens of thousands of human-written performance summaries as part of the training models. Smart Summaries are able to capture and summarize changes in pick-up, ADR, segmentation, and occupancy that previously took hours to compile.

“With the introduction of Smart Summaries, Lighthouse is at the forefront of generative AI innovation for hospitality businesses,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of Lighthouse. “Our goal is to take revenue management to the next level, eliminating the more mundane administrative tasks, and freeing up time to make great commercial decisions and grow revenue. 

We’re just getting started with generative AI. It complements our other advanced AI and machine learning capabilities perfectly and we envision our platform becoming an even more invaluable commercial co-pilot over time.”

To build the GenAI capabilities, Lighthouse worked with thousands of hotels to identify the number one time-consuming task for revenue managers: managing repetitive daily performance communications with stakeholders. Smart Summaries directly address this challenge by automating the generation of insightful, easy-to-understand performance summaries, freeing up time for more strategic initiatives.

Key benefits of Smart Summaries include:

  • Reduction of non-revenue generating workload so hoteliers can focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue
  • Timely identification of actionable insights that impact pricing and promotional strategies
  • Improved efficiency for hospitality commercial teams

Lighthouse’s Smart Summaries leverage generative AI to transform how revenue managers use data. Greg Peppel, Head of BI Products at Lighthouse said, “Research by HSMAI indicates that revenue managers spend over half their time on tasks that don’t generate revenue. Our goal is to shift this dynamic, enabling them to focus on strategic activities by utilizing AI to save time and streamline the complexity of data analysis.” 

Smart Summaries are currently available to a limited set of Lighthouse BI customers and will be rolled out globally over the coming months.

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