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MWC 2024: Some of the eye-catching gadgets on display at the ‘Showstoppers’ event

Here’s a look at some of the neat gadgets that are on display at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


From AR glasses and holograms to a retro keyboard smartphone accessory, here are some of the latest gadgets on display at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The conference opened its doors on February 26 and runs until February 29. Some 100,000 visitors are expected to attend. 

At an event called “Showstoppers” on Sunday, start-ups showcased new gadgets and products ahead of the conference. Here’s a look at some of the eye-catching new gadgets.

Augmented reality (AR) glasses

The company Tooz provides comprehensive medical-grade optic solutions for augmented reality (AR) glasses.

“Basically, our business is making normal glasses that people have to wear everyday smart,” said Frank Karutz, chief technology officer for Tooz Technology.

“So, we add a virtual image to normal glasses, that seems to float in the air. The speciality of our technology is that we can take a normal lens for any eyewear and add this technology into this lens”.

Realistic holograms

Dutch company Holoconnects showed how its Holobox, an 86-inch, transparent 4K LCD screen for a life-size and realistic-looking holographic projection, can be used in conference venues, hotels, and more.

Holoconnects offers pre-recorded videos, such as hour-long speeches, but also live broadcasts directly from a recording station to a Holobox, with little delay.

Jurrien Spoelstra from Holoconnects says that body language is often missing from video call meetings.

“As you know, 90 per cent of communication is body language. And during group meetings, you only see this part. So, you’re missing a very big and important part of the body in order to deliver a message. So now you can have a full conversation with someone who’s there as a life-size human being”.

The Holoconnects stand was awarded the best of the show at Showstoppers.

Keyboard for your smartphone

A retro-looking product adds a keyboard to a mobile phone’s touchscreen.

“Touchscreen keyboards are great. I use one all the time. But we gave up a lot in the process of giving up those buttons,” said Michael Fisher, co-founder of Clicks Technology.

“The virtual keyboard takes up 40 per cent of the screen real estate now. So, when you’re chatting or messaging, you can’t actually see what you’re referencing. When you’re on a live screen on Instagram, the keyboard covers up everything,” he added.

Fisher says the smartphone accessory will give users more screen real estate as well.

Near-infrared sensor

Dutch start-up MantiSpectra showed their product Nibble, the Smallest near-infrared spectral sensor module in the world for material analysis.

Their patented miniaturised photonics spectral chip technology, ChipSense, provides the same accuracy as laboratory analysis.

It presents a breakthrough solution for accurate, fast, cost-effective, and non-invasive real-time analysis of product properties.


MantiSpectra is working with the Dutch police to determine illicit types of drugs to detect them as well as measure their quality control instead of using chemical tests.

It can also be used with coffee and washing machines to make a home smarter.