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Netflix Wades Into Faith-Based Programming with ‘Testament: The Story of Moses’ Trailer

Netflix is ​​doing its best Angel Studios impression with “Testament: The Story of Moses,” a three-part documentary series premiering on March 27, 2024. Angel, the studio behind surprise box-office hit “Sound of Freedom,” is not actually involved; “Testament” is a Karga Seven Pictures production.

Unlike “Sound of Freedom,” “The Story of Moses” will not have a theatrical release. Even if it were cut as a feature-length film instead of a docuseries, that’s just not how Netflix rolls — it wants long-term subscribers, not a one-time box office boon.

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“Testament: The Story of Moses” explores the life of Moses and his rise from outcast and murderer to prophet and liberator of the Hebrews, according to the logline. Netflix released the trailer on Tuesday, March 5.

The docuseries’ presentation is part scripted drama, part documentary-style interview. There are the locusts and the sea-parting and all the greatest hits from the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Torah. Moses’ famous line, “Let my people go,” is in there — and it is challenged.

At one point in the sneak peek, Moses even drops and breaks the stone tablets, sort of like Mel Brooks in “History of the World, Part I.” (OK, so it’s not exactly the same: Netflix’s Moses was meant to do it, and he never had a third tablet.) We even hear the voice of God in the trailer, and we’re not talking about the “In a world…” guy.

Each of the three “Testament: The Story of Moses” installments, directed by Benjamin Ross, has an 80-minute runtime. Executive producers are Emre Sahin, Kelly McPherson, Sarah Wetherbee, Fikret Manoglu, Brian Nelson, and Sam Anzel.

Watch the trailer here:

Faith-based programming is big business these days. Beyond “Sound of Freedom,” other recent successes in the space include “The Chosen” and “Ordinary Angels.” The latter is an inspiring film in theaters now starring Alan Ritchson and Hilary Swank; read IndieWire’s review by David Erlich here. “The Chosen” is actually a four-season TV show about Jesus that Fathom Events repurposed for theaters.

Netflix has occasionally dabbled into scripture-based content before. There was the one-and-done series “Messiah,” for example, as well as programs with religion at their core, like “Unorthodox.”

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