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Reduce Children Playing with Gadgets and

Founder of the Indonesian Balance Bike Community (IBBC), Rika Wolandari, said that this competition was attended by around 200 children aged 2 – 8 years from all over Indonesia, starting from Surabaya, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Palembang and other areas.

There are 14 categories being contested. Starting from the 2021-2015 birth category and the FFA class which is attended by boys and girls born in 2014.

“We carry out this activity three times a year. Thank God the enthusiasm is quite high,” said Rika.

Balance Bikes, he said, are in demand by parents because they have many benefits for the growth and development of young children.

He explained that balance bikes are effective in developing children’s interaction skills to avoid the influence of gadgets and also train motor balance.

“Therefore, this community exists to be a forum for parents and children to share knowledge. Apart from that, this community is a forum for parents of children who can share knowledge about various things, such as parenting or child education,” he said .

Meanwhile, one of the organizing committee members, Feby, said that Race With Loversary 2024 is a series of birthdays for the IBBC community. The aim is as a facility for children to develop fine and gross motor activities as well as a means for children to play and compete.

“Apart from preventing children from playing with gadgets, they are diverted to indoor activities. Children are also encouraged to compete, it’s not bad if they win and they get prizes too,” said Feby.

For your information, balance bikes play an important role in children’s motor development. By using a balance bike, children can develop their balance skills, body coordination and self-confidence.

Additionally, balance bikes also provide an opportunity for children to enjoy active outdoor activities and help in building strong family relationships. (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana