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Samsung mentions the importance of students mastering coding & programming

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Samsung Electronics Indonesia said that students also need to master coding And programming to have individual qualities that can increase students’ opportunities when entering the world of work, especially in the field of technology.

Samsung, in its statement, quoted on Sunday, said the main reason was the importance of mastering coding And programming for students, is to train problem-solving skills.

Students understand computers and learn the basics codingwhich helps students appreciate how things work, while also teaching them how to logically solve problems when the methods they’re using aren’t working.

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Second, build resilience in facing challenges. In implementing coding And programming, several failure processes must be passed. Students can learn to develop their ability to improve what they have done without worry, until the results they want are achieved.

Furthermore, developing creativity. Coding And programming teaches students not to be afraid to experiment and to be confident in being creative, by having the opportunity to design and create something that may later be useful for themselves and those around them.

Next, help with learning science, technology, engineering And mathematics (STEM) with fun. Learning to program and code involves many skills including organizing and analyzing data, as well as mathematics. Using logic and numeracy skills while creating something makes STEM more interesting and fun for students.

Lastly, increasing opportunities in the future world of work. There are more and more businesses in the future that rely on computer code, not only in the technology sector but also in the financial sector, retail, and so on.

Meanwhile, Samsung is through the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) program, which prioritizes provision coding And programming to more than 500 students, in more than 17 high schools and vocational schools throughout Indonesia.

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“The contribution we make through SIC can not only increase students’ interest in STEM, but also provide access to facilitate that interest, especially interest in coding And programming,” said Head of Corporate Citizenship Samsung Electronics Indonesia Ennita Pramono,

“Even though students ultimately don’t pursue a career in IT, they develop skills and thought processes through learning coding And programming they can take into any career,” he concluded.

To run this year’s SIC program, Samsung partnered with Skilvul – a technology education platform that provides learning content digital skills with method blended-learning.

Samsung and Sklivul provide innovation training for students throughout March to April, with basic material on Design Thinking, UX/UI (user experience/user interface)HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Next, the 13 best student teams will be selected to take part in product development bootcamp for 9 weeks, while also participating in the 2021 SIC Project Competition.

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