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Second Galaxy S24 software update is out, find out what’s new

Samsung already has the second software update for the Galaxy S24 lineup ready to go in some parts of the world, two weeks after the first one was released. The second update is all about security fixes: the only thing it is bringing to the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra is the March 2024 security patch.

Technically, the second Galaxy S24 update came out a few days back, but it was limited to South Korea and was bundled with the February 2024 security patch. The update that started rolling out today, on the other hand, is available in many more markets.

Galaxy S24’s second update is all about security enhancements

Europe appears to be the first region where the latest Galaxy S24 update–featuring a firmware version with AXBG as its last four characters–has been released, but here’s hoping it doesn’t take long to go live in other regions. And if you haven’t yet received even the first update, you may directly get the second one, though this is just speculation for now.

To check for the update on your Galaxy S24 series smartphone, open the Settings app, navigate to Software update, and tap Download and install. Once the new firmware is available in our database, you can download it and flash it manually on your phone using a Windows PC.

As mentioned earlier, this update is exclusively about enhancing the device’s security. That shouldn’t be surprising considering it comes so soon after the previous update, which brought notable display and camera improvements and didn’t begin rolling out in earnest until just a week ago.

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