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WA invests $140m in digital twin technology

WA is investing $140 million in a whole of government initiative aimed at delivering a spatial digital twin for the state over the next ten years.

Stephen Dawson: informed decision making

Spatial WA was approved through the State Government’s Digital Capability Fund and developed by the WA Land Information Authority Landgate in consultation with more than 30 state government agencies.

The platform will create a spatially accurate 4D virtual representation of the real world, with the ability to combine spatial and non-spatial data to generate analytical insights, run predictive modeling, and streamline digital workflows.

The Spatial WA technology will eventually accelerate development approvals and speed infrastructure delivery, the government says.

Four priority areas

More than 250 potential uses for the technology have been identified but the project will initially focus on four priority areas including infrastructure projects and asset management; development application workflows; administrative land boundaries management and emergency management.

Technical capability for Spatial WA will be implemented in the first five years of the program and it will initially be used by state government agencies to address the challenges within the priority areas.

The government plans to then expand the platform for public and private sector use, ultimately becoming a single location to discover, access and use government data.

Lands minister John Carey says the program has the potential to shape the future of the state.

“The Spatial WA program will not only enhance decision making processes, but it will also streamline planning, accelerate access to land and provide investment confidence – continuing our efforts to diversify the WA economy,” he said in a statement.

Digital economy minister Stephen Dawson said the project was a milestone in the state’s digital transformation.

“Spatial WA empowers agencies to work seamlessly together in a spatially accurate virtual environment, ensuring informed decision-making and setting a new standard in digital capabilities,” he said.

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